Welcome to Booyoung Precision.


We will try to be Booyoung Precision that supplies world-class products.

Boo Young Precision Tool Company, whose mottos are PASSION and VISION, has dedicated itself to securing the world’s best quality competitiveness through constant technical development and quality management since its foundation date of April, 1996

Our company specializes in the manufacture of cutting tools (e.g. endmills, drills, special tools), company-widely seeks the customer satisfaction under the management policy of innovation management,responsibility management and customer management, and makes constant efforts to achieve customer impression.
We are confident that our company has specialized in the manufacture of the nation’s best qualityend mill through reasonable and lasting quality innovation, and will always do our best for achieving the “zero complaint” of customers through customer-oriented quality management.

We look forward to having full attention and support of all customers to become the ever-awakened company that is small but strong, the corporation whose staff has a sense of ownership and works dynamically, BOO YOUNG TOOL that not only always thinks and does the quest but also achieves the growth and development everywhere and everywhen with all customers.

Boo Young Precision Tool Co., Ltd.